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AvSimone and Ben


Words cannot describe how beautiful you made our wedding. Whilst Ben was sceptical when I mentioned a wedding stylist he admitted that you were, hands down the best supplier, and money vey well spent. We had the most amazing day and your guidance and support throughout was just what we needed. We are so grateful that you sourced the furniture we wanted - you killed it.  The venue was stunning because of you. 

Thank you once again.

Image Kate Victoria Photography


Kelli & Sam

We cannot thank you enough for everything, you made our day stunning, we know how much coordinating was involved, and so much hard work, so thank you.

You set the bar so high for other suppliers and future weddings we will go to. 


But the most important thing was that you made our day an extension of us. So thank you.

Image Elena Popa Photography


Yas and Calum

Sarah was the lynchpin for everything, and made our dream come true. Finding Sarah & choosing her was a true miracle, and we wonder if we hadn't found her if our wedding would have gone ahead. 3 postponements in... and this angel moved and rearranged our wedding in 24 hours, yes 24 hours..The wedding itself was BEAUTIFUL -a real Pinterest worthy dream, she took my vision and made it prettier. Sarah went above and beyond and you should consider yourself very lucky if she is available for your date. 
Image Gail Secker Photography

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